EasyGet is a fast, stable and cross-platform HTTP/FTP/BitTorrent file download SDK. It allows developers to integrate file download functionality in their products easily.  

Easy to usemulti-threading downloadbreakpoints resume and IOS/Android support are the main advantages of EasyGet.


Key Features:

  • Carefully designed API, flat learning curve.
  • Industry-standard quality, small CPU and memory footprint.
  • Serval times faster than other URL downloader, excellent BitTorrent download.
  • Support FTP/HTTP/ HTTPS/BitTorrent protocol, Socks4, Socks5, HTTP proxy.
  • Task pause, breakpoints resume, download/upload speed limit.
  • NAT traversal (Distributed UDP hole punching)
  • BitTorrent background uploading, HTTP/FTP seed.
  • Support Windows, Linux, MAC, IOS, Android, WinCE